Matías Zanetti-01 Matías Zanetti

Comic writer, creator of Holograma. In 2011 he published the weekly comic Recolectores in Día a Día journal. Since 2013 he writes the science communication comic magazine called Luz, Cámara, Ciencia, produced by the National University of Córdoba and drawn by Coty Taboada.

He is a founding member of Prendefuego, an editorial team created by five independent publishing houses of Córdoba, Argentina. In 2015 he started Holograma with his first comic book anthology Everybody dies and so do I, illustrated by eleven different artists. In 2016 he published the first episode of Camino Real, a new comic serie based in the tarot cards.

Germán Genga-01 Germán Genga

Illustrator and comic artist from Mar del Plata, Argentina. In his childhood, he developed his art skills living near the city of Batán. He continued his studies in the Visual Arts School Martín A. Malharro. He published his works in Argentina and other countries, and participated in both collective and individual exhibitions.

Fanpage: www.germangenga.daportfolio.com

Hernán González-01 Hernán González

Illustrator. He started drawing graphic humour for Bamba magazine in Villa Carlos Paz, publishing his firsts fanzines as Inocente Chascarrillo with two other writers, and then Imbecilandia with artist Emiliano Ciarlante. He was published in magazines such as Mente Caníbal (Córdoba), La Peor (España), Mini Imprenta (Córdoba) and Ignatius tenía razón (Llanto de Mudo, Córdoba).
He drew the unpublished graphic novel Maelstrom, with the writer and editor of Llanto de Mudo, Diego Cortés. In august of 2015 he started Buen Gusto Ediciones, his own publishing house. He published the comic book Misterios and Los Mundos Prehistoricos – Las Vronkas with Mitomante, both availables for free download. He also participated in Holograma’s anthology Everybody dies and so do I, with scripts by Matías Zanetti.

Web: buengustoediciones.blogspot.com.ar
Fanpage: www.facebook.com/buengustoediciones

Coty Taboada-01 Coty Taboada

She was born in Córdoba in 1986. She studied plastic arts in the National University of Córdoba, where she specialized in printmaking. Currently she works as a freelance graphic artist in book illustrations, comic books and mural paintings.

She teaches comic courses for children in Córdoba and Villa Allende, as a member of Banda Dibujada.

Tumblr: cotytaboada.tumblr.com

Aleta Vidal-01 Aleta Vidal

Aleta Vidal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Fine Arts at Manuel Belgrano School, and comic and illustration at Estudio Villagran. After many years working in animation and advertising, she decided to focus in comics and illustration, drawing several children books (Mi Abuela es una Bruja, El Porque de Cada Cosa, Cuentos con Princesas, Bruno Burbuja tiene un Hermano), book covers, videogames concepts and art. She participated in comic magazines and anthologies (Comiqueando, La Murcielaga, La Duendes, Fierro, Tinta Negra, Everybody dies and so do I) and published four graphic novels (Romeo y Julieta adaptado, 11 Días, 21 Experimentos Cortitos -antología-, Una Dulce Jardinerita).

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/aletavidal4artwork

Sara Niett-01 Sara Niett
Freelance illustrator, plastic artist and co-founder of Zona Sísmica Ilustradores de Cuyo, a collective of artists that work for promotion and distribution of illustration. She study the last year of Visual Arts in Uncuyo, Argentina. Since 2009, she has been drawing Trading Card Games, educational manuals, short stories, magazines, comics and fanzines. She illustrated the tribute edition of The little prince, by Invisible a los ojos. She has participated in expositions in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, being selected for the IMAGENPALABRA Hall.
Portfolio: www.behance.net/Saraniett
Fanpage: www.facebook.com/SaraNiett/
Emiliano Álvarez-01 Emiliano Alvarez

He was born in Córdoba in 1987. He studied in the Fine Arts Dr. José Figueroa Alcorta School . He is an independent comic artist, working freelance since 2013 and published by Llanto de Mudo and Holograma.

Facebook: Emiliano Alvarez

César Llanos-01 César Llanos

Painter, drawer and independen illustrator, Llanos studies Visual Arts in the National University of Córdoba. He is one of the artists behind “ARIOI arte urbano”, a visual arts event. Besides his freelance works, he also works in animated short films and movies.

Richo Duke-01 Richo Duke

He was born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, in 1982. His parents were Colombian and he grew up in Bogotá until he turned 18 years and moved to Madrid, Spain. He studied in Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional (ESDIP). He has collaborate in several art projects in Spain, Colombia, Argentina and USA. Now he works as a freelance and travel around the world.

Facebook: Richo Duke

Joaquín Reinoso-01 Joaquín Reinoso

He was born in Córdoba in 1995. Since his childhood, he was interested in drawing and painting, specializing in pencils and inks. His main style is realism, and he explores it both digitally and traditionally. In 2015 he drew his first short comic, compiled in Matías Zanetti’s Everybody dies and so do I.

He finished his studies of Graphic Design in 2015, currently preparing his final work for the course.

Fanpage: Joako Reinoso